Wilde Weide

Based in New York, the Essex Street Cheese Company is dedicated to sourcing impeccable wheels of classic European cheeses and bringing them to the United States. In addition to Manchego, Parmigiano and feta, they source this gouda from Fromagerie L'Amuse in Amsterdam. Located on a small farm in South Holland, Roos and Jan van Schie keep a small herd of Montbeliard and Friesian cows on their idyllic farm, and make only a small quantity of their signature cheese, Wilde Weide, each week. At a time when most Dutch cheese production has moved away from the farm and into large factories, the van Schies have helped to maintain the tradition of small-production artisan farmhouse Gouda, or Boerenkaas.

Translated as “wild meadow,” Wilde Weide is made from organic, raw milk. While it exhibits some of the crystallized texture that is a hallmark of aged Goudas, this cheese is more subtle than its robust cousins. At 15 months old, Wilde Wilde has lovely caramel and pineapple flavors, with an underpinning of savory grassiness.

Farm / Company: Fromagerie L'Amuse/Essex Street Cheese Co.

Cheesemaker: Jan and Roos van Schie

Proprietor: Jan and Roos van Schie

Affineur: Jan and Roos van Schie

City, State: Zwanburgerpolder

Region: Zuid Holland

Country: Holland

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Plasticote

Texture: Firm

Aging: 15 months

Size(s): 25 pound wheel