Walter Rass, master cheesemaker for Kaserei Tufertschwil in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland, has been honored over the years for his skill in the making of Appenzeller cheese. By changing the curd size, tweaking the temperatures during cooking and lengthening the aging process, he created this new cheese. After the wheels are formed, Challerhocker is washed with brine, then aged for ten months or more.

Challerhocker's literal translation is "sitting in the cellar" which is exactly where the cheese develops its depth of flavor. Dense and creamy, Challerhocker tastes like a medley of melted leeks, brown butter and sweet cream. Savory flavors with a bit of caramel sweetness in the finish makes this an ideal cheese for the colder months.

Challerhocker is made with thermalized milk.

Farm / Company: Chas & Co./Columbia Cheese

Cheesemaker: Kaserei Tufertschwil/Walter Rass


Affineur: Walter Rass

City, State: Tufertschwil

Region: St.Gallen

Country: Switzerland

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Washed

Texture: Firm

Aging: 10 months

Size(s): 14 pounds