Casatica di Bufala

When the two brothers, Alfio and Bruno Gritti, took over their father's farm located in northern Italy, in the foothills of the Alps, they were milking dairy cows. But 10 years ago, they decided to introduce water buffalo. Buffalo milk has twice the cream as cow's milk. A couple of years later they sold all the cows to focus on this rich milk. Increasing the water buffalo herd to 1,000, they built a creamery to make both cheese and yogurt. Today they make 25 cheeses, including Bufalo di Mozzarella, all steeped in local Italian tradition.

Casatica, a buffalo milk cheese, is similar to Stracchino. A soft-ripened cheese, aged for three to five weeks, it has a supple richness. With a creamy interior and a mild and delicate milky sweetness, left to sit, it will virtually ooze on your plate and melt into your mouth.

Farm / Company: Quattro Portoni

Cheesemaker: Alfio and Bruno Gritti

Proprietor: Alfio and Bruno Gritti


City, State: Cologno al Serio

Region: Bergamo

Country: Italy

Milk Type: Buffalo

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Natural

Texture: Soft

Aging: 5 weeks

Size(s): 2 pounds