Saxelby Cheesemongers is a retailer, wholesaler, and distributor of small-production cheeses from farms in the northeastern United States. Anne Saxelby first opened shop in 2006 in the historic Essex Street Market on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between local cheesemakers and cheese lovers to help build the success of the artisan cheesemaking movement in the U.S. 

Calderwood, a collaboration between Saxelby Cheesemongers and the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Vermont, is an Alpine-style raw cow’s milk cheese that is coated with finely chopped fibers of hay. Wheels of Jasper Hill's Alpha Tolman are first washed with brine over the course of 6 months. Dry, toasted hay is then rubbed into the rind and the wheels are sealed in cryovac. Another four months will pass before the cryovac is removed so the cheese can dry out and form a healthy natural rind. Calderwood started as an experiment to see how the addition of hay on the rind would affect the flavors of the cheese, and the experiment certainly paid off. The result of this lengthy and arduous production process is a rich and complex paste with notes of caramel, chestnut, honey and pineapple.


Farm / Company: Saxelby Cheesemongers

Cheesemaker: Jasper Hill Farm


Affineur: Saxelby Cheesemongers

City, State: New York, NY

Region: Northeast

Country: USA

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Washed/hay-coated

Texture: Firm

Aging: 12-14 months

Size(s): 21-pound wheel