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Classic Cowgirl Collection


Give friends and family a proper Cowgirl introduction with our most popular cheese trio.  Always local, always organic, always a treat for cheese lovers.

Mt Tam
Cowgirl Creamery – Petaluma, California
Our signature triple-cream cheese is smooth, creamy and elegant. It is made with pasteurized organic milk from the Straus Family Dairy. Mt Tam is firm, yet buttery, with a mellow, earthy flavor reminiscent of white mushrooms. All Cowgirl Creamery cheeses are made with certified organic milk. (8oz)

Wagon Wheel 
Cowgirl Creamery –Petaluma, Califoria
Wagon Wheel’s rosy-hued rind surrounds a delightfully supple center. Although quite luxurious in its natural state, the paste becomes almost magical when melted. The flavor has a mild tartness balanced beautifully with rich notes of brown butter and cream. (10oz)

Chimney Rock
Cowgirl Creamery –Petaluma, California
Our fall seasonal cheese, Chimney Rock, starts with organic Jersey milk from John Taverna's Chileno Valley Dairy. The rich bloomy rind cheese is spritzed with Quady Winery's muscat wine, Essensia, then dusted with ground organic shiitake mushrooms, summer savory and black pepper. The result is a beautiful cheese that offers piquant, earthy flavors balanced by high notes of orange blossom and apricot. Chimney Rock is named for one of the most spectacular hikes in all of Point Reyes (our hometown), located at the end of a land bridge that's surrounded by lush meadows and cool breezes (8oz)

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