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Tomales Bay Collection


Taste the terroir of California's wild north coast, where small-scale dairies produce exceptional milk, and artisans handcraft some of the nation's best cheeses.

Mt Tam 
Cowgirl Creamery – Petaluma, California 
As a respectful nod to the majestic beauty of Mt Tamalpais, located a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, Cowgirl Creamery named its signature cheese Mt Tam. The triple-cream Mt Tam is made from organic, single-herd milk from Straus Family Dairy. (8oz)

Point Reyes Farmstead Original Blue 
Point Reyes Farmstead – Point Reyes, California 
The contented cows that produce the milk for this sweet and creamy blue cheese enjoy healthy pastures and spectacular views of the bay. The farm¹s spectacular location surely contributes to the herbal, salty flavors in the cheese. (6oz)

Bellwether Farms – Valley Ford, California 
Made entirely from pasteurized Jersey cow milk, Carmody is a firm and golden cheese with a buttery intensity. As it ages, Carmody turns over a sweet caramel undertone. (8oz)

Cowgirl Creamery Crackers

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