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The first of its kind in the United States, Marin Agricultural Land Trust pioneered the use of agricultural conservation easements as a way to permanently protect farmland.

MALT was founded in 1980 by dairywoman and honorary Cowgirl Ellen Straus in response to the rapid development threatening to overtake Marin County farmland. Local ranchers and environmentalists came together to give ranching a second chance through a combination of restrictive zoning, land use regulations, active governmental support, and the establishment of MALT’s agricultural conservation easement program, which enables landowning families to meet financial challenges without having to sell, divide or develop their property.

Since its birth, the organization has permanently preserved over 44,100 acres of farmland that might otherwise have been sold or developed. We’ve got 60,000 acres to go! Join Sue and the gang in their efforts to preserve the Marin we know, love, and feast so happily from.

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