Tête de Moine

Established in 1978, the Courtelary cheese dairy is situated in the midst of the Bernese Jura in Switzerland, between the Chasseral in the south and the Franches Montagnes in the north. The site has been managed by the Kämpf family since 1997. Twice a day, nine milk producers deliver their milk to the dairy, and cheese is made every day -- Tête de Moine, the classic "monk's head" cow's milk cheese, along with two semi-hard cheeses unique to the dairy, Erguel Jura and Le Sauvage.

An exceptional version of this often-overlooked AOP cheese, Harald Kämpf’s Tête de Moine is strikingly refined. Aged for an additional month at the dairy, this cheese has a creamy mouthfeel with a rich sweetness and bright notes of sour cream. This cheese is traditionally served using a girolle, which creates small rosettes of the cheese by scraping the paste.

Available seasonally.

Farm / Company: Fromagerie Courtelary/Columbia Cheese

Cheesemaker: Harald Kämpf



City, State: Courtelary

Region: Bern

Country: Switzerland

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Washed/Natural

Texture: Firm

Aging: 4 months

Size(s): 2-pound wheel