Taleggio, Castel Regio

In 1914, Arrigoni Battista began making Taleggio and other traditional cheeses of Lombardy using old family recipes. Today, the company is located in the town of Pagazzano, in the heart of Lombardy, and is recognized as a leading producer of traditional DOP cheeses. Arrigoni sources milk from both its own dairy herd and from nearby farms. The company employs artisan techniques, such as hand-salting and aging on wood, as a means of honoring tradition.

This Taleggio is salted by hand, and ripened for more than 50 days in pinewood cases. During this time, the cheese is brushed weekly with brine to encourage the development of the microorganisms that turn the rind its characteristic orange-brown color, and impart its funky, meaty aroma. Despite the pungency, the straw-colored paste is mild and creamy in flavor, offering notes of yeast and mushrooms.

Farm / Company: Arrigoni/Rogers Collection


Proprietor: Arrigoni Batista


City, State: Pagazzano

Region: Lombardy

Country: Italy

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Washed

Texture: Soft

Aging: 40-50 days

Size(s): 4-pound square