St. George

Joe and Mary Matos grew up on the lush volcanic island of Sao Jorge in the Portuguese Azores. It happens to be an island that is noted for its delicious cheeses, and lucky for us, when Joe and Mary relocated to Santa Rosa in the 1970s, they carried the recipe for their homeland's native cheese with them. St George is heat treated.

Putting their personal American spin on the original recipe, St. George -- named for the island -- is a full-flavored cow milk cheese with a cheddary depth and a rich texture.

Farm / Company: Matos Cheese Factory



Affineur: Joe & Mary Matos

City, State: Santa Rosa, California

Region: West

Country: USA

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Vegetarian

Rind: Natural

Texture: Hard

Aging: Up to 7 months

Size(s): 9-11 pound wheel