Rio Deva Tres Leches

Near the Deva River, in the region of Cantabria in the northern Spain, Juan Carlos and his wife Maria Carmen run a small family dairy. The dairy was established twenty-five years ago and after learning to make cheese from monks in the area, the duo now makes a handful of cheeses using sheep, cow and goat milk.

Tres Leches is fairly mild, with clean flavors of fresh cream, tangy goat's milk and sweet sheep's milk. With its unique beehive shape and bloomy rind, this intriguing cheese is perfect under a drizzle of honey or alongside a few candied cherries.

Farm / Company: Forever Cheese Co

Cheesemaker: Juan Carlos and Maria Carmen



City, State: CamaleƱo

Region: Cantabria

Country: Spain

Milk Type: Blended

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Bloomy

Texture: Firm

Aging: 3 weeks

Size(s): 15 ounce round