Ricotta, Jersey

Cindy Callahan, a nurse by training, was in her 50s when she first began raising sheep as a way to keep pasture grasses under control. She soon began milking her flock, and before long, her son Liam joined her as a cheesemaker. Today, Bellwether Farms makes an array of fresh and aged Italian-style sheep and cow's milk cheeses.

Determined not to let any part of the cheesemaking process go to waste, Bellwether Farms uses the Jersey milk whey left over from the production of Carmody and Crescenza to make this fresh cheese. Fluffy and sweet, this basket-drained ricotta can be enjoyed on its own or used in a wide range of recipes from lasagna to canolli.

Farm / Company: Bellwether Farms

Cheesemaker: Liam Callahan

Proprietor: Cindy Callahan


City, State: Petaluma, CA

Region: West

Country: USA

Milk Type: Cow

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Rennet: Vegetarian

Rind: None

Texture: Fresh


Size(s): 3.5 pound container