Ossau Iraty

The Irati Dairy chose its remote location -- perched on the edge of the Pyrenees overlooking the Ossau Valley -- to be near a group of 20 small farmers who live and work in the mountains, as their families have for generations. The dairy uses fresh milk collected from the Black Head Manech sheep, a heritage breed native to the region. Their cheeses are produced seasonally and aged on wood boards.

This PDO cheese has a brushed natural rind, and a smooth, firm paste that conveys the richness of the sheep's milk. The cheese offers deep caramel notes, undertones of broth, and a long savory finish.

Farm / Company: Agour/Peterson Cheese


Proprietor: Peio Etxeleku


City, State:

Region: Basque

Country: France

Milk Type: Sheep

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Natural

Texture: Firm

Aging: 6 months

Size(s): 10-pound wheel