Caseficio Quattro Portoni is originally a family cattle company that transitioned into a water buffalo dairy and cheesemaking facility in the early 2000s. Located in the Bergamo province of Italy, the farm turned to water buffalo as a way to preserve traditional cheesemaking practices that had been present as far back as the 7th Century when the species was first introduced to the country. Breaking free from convention, the cheesemakers decided not just to settle for the omnipresent mozzarella that water buffalo are renowned for. Quattro Portoni now makes an array of cheeses ranging from fresh ricotta to blue.

Moringhello is a unique buffalo milk cheese with a wrinkled, gray, natural rind and a compact, slightly chalky texture. The paste is bright, grassy and acidic, and earthier toward the rind.

Farm / Company: Quattro Portoni

Cheesemaker: Bruno Gritti

Proprietor: Bruno Gritti

Affineur: Bruno Gritti

City, State: Cologno al Serio, Bergamo

Region: Lombardy

Country: Italy

Milk Type: Buffalo

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Natural

Texture: Semi-soft

Aging: 60 days

Size(s): 1 pound wheel