Jesús Martinez and his wife Justa founded their creamery in 1961 in the heart of the Rioja region of Spain. Their four children now run the business, collecting milk from 11 local farms to make cheese.

Camerano is a goat's milk cheese of Protected Designated Origin, and Los Cameros is one of only two creameries that produce it. The rind has a distinctive basket weave from the mold, called a "cilla," and is rubbed in olive oil. The wheels are aged for two months and have a crumbly paste, with a lactic tang and slightly herbal, earthy flavors.

Farm / Company: Los Cameros

Cheesemaker: Jesús Martinez



City, State: Sierra de Cameros

Region: La Rioja

Country: Spain

Milk Type: Goat

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Natural

Texture: Semi-soft

Aging: 75 days

Size(s): 1.5 pound wheel