Bermuda Triangle

Mary Keehn got her start on the goat cheese trail in the 1970s when she decided to raise Alpine goats as a source of healthful milk for her children. Not too long after, she started receiving awards for her herd and became recognized as an expert in the field. Blessed with an excess of milk from her 50 goats, Mary started making cheese in 1983.

Situated where the giant redwoods abut the Pacific Ocean in the rugged northernmost reaches of California's Humboldt County, today Cypress Grove Chevre gets unique inspiration from the voluminous fog that rolls in off the coast nearly every day.

One of the more unique aged cheeses you'll come across, Bermuda Triangle is a six-inch long triangular prism of pure white goat cheese. Its distinctive double rind -- one of ash covered by a layer of velvety white bloom -- encourages a firm, smooth interior, and clean flavors that showcase the high quality of the milk. A lovely cheese for portioning onto a cheese plate!

Farm / Company: Cypress Grove

Cheesemaker: Mary Keehn

Proprietor: Mary Keehn


City, State: Arcata, CA

Region: West

Country: USA

Milk Type: Goat

Milk Treatment: Pasteurized

Rennet: Vegetarian

Rind: Bloomy, dusted with ash

Texture: Soft

Aging: 2 weeks

Size(s): 14 ounces