The Fletcher family began milking their first ewes in 1989. Their original intent was to sell fluid milk to local shops and markets but soon after they started, a neighboring merchant convinced them to try their hand at cheesemaking. The first batches of Berkswell, named after a nearby town, were loosely based on the recipe for the Welsh cheese Caerphilly, but the technique has transformed over time into a vastly different recipe.

Tender curds ladled into basket molds create the unique "flying saucer" shape that Berkswell is known for. The thin rind, marked with indentations from the basket, captures the essence of minerals and wet earth. Beneath the rind is a firm paste, the color of freshly churned butter. The first taste is salty and bright, with an intriguing sweetness at the finish that is sometimes reminiscent of pineapple or Meyer lemon.

Available by special order.

Farm / Company: Ram Hall/Neal's Yard Dairy

Cheesemaker: Julie Hay

Proprietor: The Fletcher Family

Affineur: Neal's Yard Dairy

City, State:

Region: West Midlands

Country: England

Milk Type: Sheep

Milk Treatment: Raw

Rennet: Traditional

Rind: Plasticote

Texture: Hard

Aging: 6-9 months

Size(s): 5 pound wheel